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Do I have any debt? You need to protect your family against your debts

Many people ask  do I really need cover?  Read on to find out why…

The notion that Life Cover is only needed later in life is a big misconception.

“Young people often dismiss protection as something for older people,”

The rule of thumb when considering life cover should be to find out if there is anyone who would be financially affected if you should die, become ill or unable to work

To ensure that you do not become a burden on the state, your parents, siblings or your children should you become ill or disabled: then protection for you is essential!

Everybody has different needs in life. It is therefore recommended to speak to a financial advisor regarding the various options available. We are Qualified Financial Advisors and we are trained to give advice on your specific insurance needs, we will tailor a packaging to suit you and your budget.

Remember: it is never too early to take out Cover. You cannot take out a policy after you become ill or disabled, unless you accept a policy which comes along with a (usually) lengthy list of exclusions or where the premium has been loaded to make up for the risk you pose to the insurance company.

Even if you start small, just get started! You have nothing to lose by requesting a quotation: Call today for more information 01 2 876 345.

Why you need this cover and what type:

  • Life Cover can be used to provide family protection in the event of death.
  • Specified Illness Cover will give you peace of mind as it provides a lump sum payment on the diagnosis and certification of a specified illness.
  • Whole of Life Cover can provide family protection and inheritance tax provisions.
  • Income Protection: protecting yourself in the event that you are unable to work to due to an illness or injury


Not married and living with your partner?

There’s cover available for the both of you too!

  • Cover if I die
  • Lump sum payment to my family
  • What if I get really sick and cannot work
  • How can I protect my salary
  • Money for the kids if something happens to me

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We are Qualified Financial Advisors and can advise on:

  • Life Insurance
  • Specified Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Mortgage Protection Specialists

We design comprehensive packages to protect you in the most important areas of your life.

Your Income is the key to your life, it’s important that it’s protected. Did you know that tax relief is available on contributions?

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